Misa Lawson MPH, RD Certified EBT Provider Since 2004 Located in Santa Cruz, CA

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About Misa

I am a Wellness Specialist, Registered Dietitian, and a Level 5 Provider for Emotional Brain Training (EBT). I live in a beautiful community set on the coast of California where I offer EBT groups and coaching.

What Brought Me To EBT

I was looking for a comprehensive method that addressed the roots of overeating and anxiety. I felt dissatisfied with results I was getting with clients using standard clinical skills. I wanted to assist others in both experiencing relief from their chief complaint but also living a life of greatest potential.

My Top 3 Sources Of Joy

1 - Body - yoga, dance and being alive and healthy 2 - My growing adolescent children - very intense and rewarding, appreciating my amazing senior parents, family, friends and wonderful community of clients and colleagues 3 - A wellspring of spiritual support, sense of the power of the greater good & interdependence on others.

My Professional History

I have over twenty years experience in health promotion and nutrition counseling at major hospitals, programs, and clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. I received both my BS in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics and her Master of Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley.

Misa's Testimonials

Misa is a pro. She is intuitive and an amazing provider. I could not recommend her more highly.

March 2016

Misa is warm, talented and compassionate. I have enjoyed my work with Misa and recommend her to anyone considering EBT skill training.

March 2016

I have so much appreciation for the growth I experienced with this work. Thank you!

February 2016

EBT should be a requirement for everyone. To use the latest in brain science to access the most amazing rewards of life - Integrity, Sanctuary, Authenticity, Vibrancy, Intimacy, Spirituality, Freedom!!! It is an amazing program. Our group had the privilege of working with Laurel until it was time for her to move this to the next level. Misa had big shoes to fill and I am so happy that she stepped into the role, as intimidating as it must have been. I have done great work with Misa and am thrilled to say that I am wired at one. Hail to EBT! I highly recommend Misa!!

July 2015

Using the tools of EBT to create a life with an abundance of joy has required dedication and perseverance. The support of my group and coach has made the journey possible and provided me with the momentum to stay with the program even when the stress in my life felt overwhelming and unrelenting. With Misa's coaching and the tools of EBT, I have rewired my brain and created a life that keeps getting better. Misa guided me with gentle, loving fierceness to delve deep into identifying those circuits that blocked my joy. Misa led my group with the right combination of tender compassion and firm commitment as we practiced using the tools and connecting more deeply with ourselves. I am grateful to have EBT in my life today.

July 2015

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